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Useful Terms in Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Settlement or Awards

Actual Cash Value:  Or Market Value, the cost a vehicle is valued at if damaged or destroyed in an accident. Insurance companies pay the owners the actual cash value if the bus, truck or car is considered a total loss.
Additional Insured: This is another party other than the protected person or entity named in a vehicle's insurance policy.
Automobile Insurance: Insurance protects the owner against losses to his or her vehicle. Types of coverage include medical payments, bodily injury, property damage, collision and comprehensive physical vehicle damage. 
The Burden of Proof: The plaintiff, known as the individual who initiates a claim or lawsuit. The plaintiff must prove what occurred in the case. In a motor vehicle accident, the plaintiff establishes the burden of proof that the other party involved caused the accident.
Case: Any action, cause, lawsuit, proceeding or controversy initiated through the court system by filing a petition, indictment or complaint.

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