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New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction work is rewarding but of a demanding and dangerous profession. The New York City skyscrapers are being built to new heights more quickly than ever. Construction accidents causes are many – defective equipment, for example, or trench cave-ins. Ladders and harnesses can fail. A piece of falling equipment or scaffolding can cause a long-term medical condition that affects you and your family.

As a professional, you take great care in to be mindful of the hazards and take necessary precautions. Work sites involve so many different contractors, subcontractors, your fellow employees and day laborers under these conditions unsafe work environments may form that lead to serious injuries. A fall for example at a construction site can make the difference between having a reliable job and losing it due to an injury. If you have suffered an injury, you may have a right to compensation from your companies possibly other parties.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least one in 20 construction workers are involved in an accident each year. Contractors and property owners are liable for construction accidents under OSHA regulations and worker’s compensation laws.

A family law firm that will represent you and your family in construction accidents in the greater New York City area.

At Litman & Litman, we’re experts at construction accidents. OSHA regulations are our business. Workers come to us for help in getting compensation when are injured on the job.

If you or someone you know has been hurt on a construction site, have a look at our blog post on "What to do if you have been injured in a construction accident."  Then ask us for a free consultation on how best to proceed. We’ll let you know if the law requires anyone to compensate you for what happened.

Construction Accident Types Cases Our Attorneys Represent in New York:

Falling Crane Accidents
Construction Site Falls
Injury by Crush of Heavy Equipment
Heavy Machinery Accident
Forklift Accident
Electrical Power Line Accidents
Construction Site Electrocutions
Injury by Falling Object
Trench Accident
OSHA Violation
Roof Collapses & Ceiling Falls
Amputation by Machinery
Nail Gun Accident
Plant Explosion
Scaffolding Accident & Falls
Window Washing Accident
Exposure Toxic Materials on a Construction Site
Unsafe Equipment Accident
Welding Accident

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