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TV Lawyers with Humor Win And The Best NYC Trial Lawyers

jeff litman

Too often, the cases we handle deal with injury and death. While we live to serve, the work can take a toll, and like everyone else, we seek escape and entertainment. Humor can ease tension, bring perspective, and be an effective tool when used with compassion. Jeffery Litman's personality indicates Litman Lawfirm's intelligence and creative approach to winning jury verdicts and settlements that defend clients' rights, of course, what matters. Over the years, unconventional lawyers have made us laugh at the pretensions and absurdities that define our profession. Here are a few of our favorite TV lawyers with humor:

Denny Crane

Lead partner on Boston Legal TV series, Denny Crane may be the most irreverent lawyer to
sustain a successful practice. As seasons passed, the conservative partner employed
unorthodox terminology and methods to win cases. Although cringingly sexist, he maintained an
age-appropriate crush on 60-something colleague Shirley Chase. That gave us hope that the
heart of a human beat within the moral shell of a reptile.

Will Truman

The openly gay lawyer made his debut when the Will & Grace situation comedy began its run in
the late 1990s. Will was steadfast and fastidious, actually persnickety, in and out of the
courtroom. With meticulous style and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, we found great
amusement in his attention to detail whether dressing for a date or preparing a closing

Ally McBeal

This quirky lead character from the David E. Kelley TV series doesn’t resemble any lawyers,
male or female, that we grew to love in his first legal series - L.A. Law. She and the entire staff
are perpetually faced with the awkward relationship between she and her former boyfriend who
also worked at the firm with his wife. As men, seeing interactions between male and female
colleagues played out with equal parts of self-deprecating humor and acknowledged absurdity,
was both enlightening and entertaining.

Check back for more TV lawyers who helped us shape our own legal personas.

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